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Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
Chesterfield Farms and Estates
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Table of Contents:

Major changes are on the horizon for Chesterfield
Updated: Sunday Jul 19, 2020 @ 10:05 AM

Major changes are on the horizon for Chesterfield!  Plans are underway by CRG to develop nearly 100 acres around the lake near Central Park.  Nearby, The Staenberg Group is in the process of hiring a master planner to redevelop Chesterfield mall.  A group of concerned citizens, known as Citizens for Developing Downtown Chesterfield, have banded together to ensure that residents stay informed about these changes.  We represent a point of view that supports the following: 


  • Mixed Use Developments with opportunities for boutique and upscale shopping alongside independent dining establishments
  • Designated green space, as well as tree preservation
  • Forward thinking business districts that will keep Chesterfield at the center of commerce
  • Connectivity
  • Pedestrian and Bike Facilities
  • Trails
  • Pocket Parks
  • Public Gathering Spaces
  • Infrastructure that supports the free flow of traffic
  • High End Architectural Design that is Uniquely Chesterfield
  • Adequate, but limited view parking structures  
  • And More!


We would like to invite residents of your subdivision to join our group.  Please share this email and the following link with anyone that is concerned about seeing Downtown Chesterfield and the Mall developed in a responsible manner: Link To Join Citizens For Developing Downtown Chesterfield.  This will ensure you stay informed about the major changes underway in our hometown.



Citizens for Developing Downtown Chesterfield


Ice Cream Social Distancing on July 4th
Updated: Tuesday Jun 9, 2020 @ 10:47 AM

- ChesterfieldFarmsandEstatesIceCreamSocialDistancin


Pools open Monday, June 15th
Updated: Tuesday Jun 9, 2020 @ 10:36 AM


Pools open Monday June 15th under St. Louis County Health Department directives for all REGISTERED Chesterfield Farms residents.  Clubhouse will remain closed. Restrooms will be open.  One entrance at the gate closets to tennis courts. 

Attached under Files and Forms are: 
  • The COVID - 19 Pool Guidelines and Restrictions for 2020 Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. (CF) Pool Regulations and Rules
  • 2020 Registration form

Hours of Operation: 

·       11:00 am – 9:00 pm Sunday thru Friday

·       10:00 am – 9:00 pm Saturdays (1st time slot is 3 hours)

·       Subject to change once Rockwood schools starts, the pool will open at 4:00 pm M – F (last time slot is 3 hours)  

COVID - 19 Pool Guidelines and Restrictions for 2020

Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. 

For all REGISTERED Chesterfield Farms and Estates Residents (CF)

The guidelines for the 2020 pool season are based on directives imposed by The St. Louis County Health Department (STLCHD) and as stipulated by our pool management company, Unique Pool Management (UPM) to minimize risks of transmission the COVID-19 virus.  * Based on STLCHD directives we are limited to 65 individuals at any given time. * Indicates items required by STLCHD and will be strictly enforced. 

Every registered patron will be required to follow ALL directives outlined below for the 2020 season.  It is important to understand:

  • *STLCHD will be monitoring adherence to the directives and any violations MAY result in a closing of the pools for the season.  

  • UPM’s  primary duties are to monitor swimmer safety and performing lifesaving measurements when necessary.  While UPM is providing a high degree of assistance in ensuring adherence to the STLCHD directives it is imperative our registered residents comply with all guidelines and restrictions. 

  • Any violation of any of the directives MAY result in individual or entire family suspension from pool privileges.  

  • These COVID-19 Pool Guidelines and Restriction take president over any conflicting rules in the Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. (CF) Pool Regulations and Rules (CFPRR) that can be found on CF website and posted in clubhouse.  The CFPPR will be strictly enforced. 

Directives, Guidelines  and Procedures:

Registered Residents  

    • Only approved registered residents will be allowed entrance to the pools.  (No guests allowed) 

    • Each resident over the age of 5 must wear the provided CF wristband for admittance and must be worn at all times.  Any lost or misplaced bands can be purchased from Trustee Carmen Gassert (314-623-7790) at $25.00.

    • The point of entry is the gate by the tennis court where the registration table will be located.                            * All residents must register and completely fill in all information and check all boxes before entering and leaving the pool area.  This is not the responsibility of UPM; however, they will monitor for strict adherence. 

  • * Pool Capacity Restrictions and Guidelines  to facilitate these imposed restrictions of a maximum number of 65 patrons and to ensure all registered residents have equal rights to enjoy the pools the following procedures are implemented:

    • Implementation of 2 hour time blocks and COVID -19 imposed requirements:  

      • 2 hour time blocks will be imposed for pool as follows: 

        • 11:00 am – 9:00 pm Sunday thru Friday 

        • 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Saturdays (1st time slot is 3 hours) 

        • Subject to change once Rockwood schools starts, the pool will open at 4:00 pm M – F (last time slot is 3 hours)  

      • All residents will vacate the pool every 2 hours. 

      • UPM will announce the shift change 5 minutes before the change and residents will:

        • Sign out on the register

      •  Exit through the gate in a timely fashion taking all their belongings.

    • * UPM will take the next 10 -15 minutes to follow STLCHD water testing, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection directives.  Once completed the pool will open for those waiting in line for the next 2 hour time block where registration is required. 

  • Line Formation Directives: are required by STLCHD  

    •  Residents to form a line outside the gate prior to opening or shift changes and must

      • * maintain 6 ft distancing directives, family members the only exception 

      • No “holding” of spots for other family members 

    • * Once the capacity has been reached no others allowed to enter the pool – UPM will be monitoring.

    • Any residents exiting the pool for a time block change are allowed to re-enter but must go to end of line.

    • Any resident leaving during time block will need to follow every condition above to gain re-entrance. 

  • Deck and Restroom Restrictions: The clubhouse will be closed.

    • * CF Chairs, loungers and tables will be placed using STLCHD safe distance directives of 6’ apart.  These chairs are NOT to be moved.  Those with families are allowed to bring in their own chairs to place at existing CF chair, lounger or table. 

    • All residents must use their own towel on chairs before sitting/laying. 

    • * All residents must be wear a fabric or disposable face covering when not in the pool or eating at tables. 

    • * Social distancing is required for bathrooms and will be strictly enforced

  • Pool and Pool deck Restrictions: 

    • * No pool toys, floating devices (other than swimmies & life preservers) will be allowed. 

    • * No shared use of objects that cannot be easily cleaned that come in contact with the face, nose or mouth – goggles, nose clips and snorkels.  

    • * UPM will monitor social distancing in and out of the water of at least 6 ft between people who don’t live the same house hold. 

  • STLCHD Requirements  -  Items each resident will be required to acknowledge each time you register:

    • * Anyone in your family showing symptoms of, or if anyone has had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, within the past 14 days.

    •  * Residents agree to contact UPM at 314-455-6350 immediately should they or any member of their house hold becomes ill with COVID-19 within 48 house of visiting the pool.

    • Signage will be posted with details OF COVID-19 symptoms and if exposed to anyone showing symptoms within past 14 days.  And signs reminding all to wash hands after bathroom use & eating.

  • UPM  Responsibilities for COVID -19 directives: 

    • * Staff will have temperature checks before coming to work. 

    • * Test pool water chemical balance every 2 hours - if water does not meet STLCHD code specifications the pools will be closed until acceptable levels reached.

    • * Conduct cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection directives.  Residents may want to bring their own disposable disinfectant wipes to use at their own discretion. 

    • UPM will close the pools anytime that any of the directives cannot be accomplished, maintained or enforced.



Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. (CF)
Pool Regulations and Rules Revised 5/23/2020

Due to government COVID-19 guidelines, the following dates, regulations, and rules may change duringthe 2020 swim season. Any changes will be posted at the pool and/or posted on CF web site.The 2020 pool season runs from Saturday May 22, 2020 through Monday, September 6, 2020.Normal Pool hours:11:00 am – 9:00 pm Sunday thru Friday10:00 am – 9:00 pm SaturdaysEffective August 17, 2020 once Rockwood schools start, the pool will open at 4:00 pm. (The2020 school start date is subject to change)Please note: The CF Swim Team will host 3-4 swim meets during the summer and are posted on the CFwebsite. On those dates the pool will close at 3:30 pm. (As of date of this revision not certain if therewill be meets in 2020)Rules:? Use: Facility users are allowed in the swimming area ONLY when a life guard is on duty.? Admission: Limited to CF residents who are in good standing with the Homeowners Associationwith annual assessments paid in full.o All pool attendees 5 years of age or older must wear a CF membership wrist band whilein the pool area or will be asked to leave, NO EXCEPTIONS!o All pool attendees must register in registry log for each visit.? Registration: All facility users must have registered in advance approved by HomeownerAssociation and must check in with guard before gaining admittance? Health Conditions: No one will be admitted if exhibiting a contagious disease or an infectiouscondition.? Safe? Age Restriction: Children 12 years of age as of May 22, 2020 (if deemed qualified for swimsafety by life guards*), and younger must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adultor registered childcare provider (14 years or older).? Guests: Until further notice no guests allowed.? St. Louis County, Chesterfield Municipal and Health Department Guidelines: Users will followand comply with all guidelines and restrictions as posted on CF web site.? Food/Beverages:o Snacks and beverages are allowed on the pool deck, provided users clean up afterwards.o ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS ALLOWED.o No food or drinks are permitted in the pool.o No gum is allowed inside fence area.
Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. (CF)
Pool Regulations and RulesRevised 5/23/2020? Smoking: No smoking or vaping allowed inside fence area.? Firearms: No firearms or weapons of any kind allowed on CF common grounds.? Clubhouse: Users are not allowed to use club house with exception of bathrooms, untilfurther notice.? Pool Toys: Must be approved by lifeguard on duty. Life guards can restrict use of inflatableitems if they deem pool is too crowded. SQUIRT GUNS AND SUPERSOAKERS ARE NOTALLOWED.? Rules of Conduct:o Parents or caretakers are responsible for the conduct of their children.o Swimmers who require the aid of flotation devices must remain in the shallow end orwading pool, unless accompanied by an adult.o Parents and caretakers are to ensure their children can swim if unsupervised in pool.* Lifeguards may administer a deep water test for any child at their own discretion.o No profanity, improper behavior or intoxication allowed.o No running, pushing, fighting, shoving, dunking or rough housing.o No sitting or standing allowed on fountain in Wading pool? Miscellaneous:o Unnecessary conversation or annoying the life guards while on duty is not permitted.o Pets are NOT allowed in the pool area.o Pre-toilet trained babies must wear a swim diaper or a cloth diaper with rubber pantswhile in the pool. NO DISPOSABLE DIAPERS. For health reasons, diapers should bechanged only in the bathrooms.o Shower before entering the pool if you apply oily suntan lotion as these oils interferewith the pool filters.o Appropriate swim apparel required – no shorts or cut-offs.o No bicycles, scooters, skateboard, roller blades, etc. allowed in pool area.o Chairs are primarily for the use of adults. Children should relinquish them to adults ifneeded.
Failure to comply with the rules and regulations or any safety instructions directed by lifeguards, mayresult in a temporary or permanent suspension of pool privileges. In the event of a unique situationnot covered by these rules, the pool management and/or trustees may take disciplinary action.


Annual Pool Registration form - 2020 season
Updated: Tuesday Jun 9, 2020 @ 10:35 AM

Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. (CF)

Annual Pool Registration - 2020 Season

One (1) Adult* from the household is required to sign this form acting as the Household Agent**.  Submit signed and completed registration form to:

 Carmen Gassert at 271 Cheval Square Drive or email to   

Please note: ONLY registered household members will gain entrance to the pools.  

Household Last name:


Contact information: Phone#__________________________ Email:___________________________________

HOUSEHOLD INFORMATION: List each person residing (+ 1 caregiver) in your home who will be using the pool.

1st Adult: __________________________________________    1st Child: ______________________     ______

Relationship to household ____________________________    2nd Child: ______________________     ______

2nd Adult: _________________________________________    3rd Child: ______________________     ______

Relationship to household ____________________________    4th Child: ______________________    ______

3rd Adult: _________________________________________    5th Child:_______________________    ______

Relationship to household ____________________________    6th Child: _______________________   ______

For additional residents, use another form.

FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of having the right of access to use the community swimming pool facility of Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc., the undersigned **Household Agent, for myself, members of my household, and guests thereof, and each of my and their heirs, executors, administrators, successors, assigns and insures assume any and all risks associated with the right of access and use in the Chesterfield Farms Homeowners Association, Inc. swimming pool facility and unconditionally and voluntarily release and waive any and all rights and claims that I/we may have now, or in the future, have against representatives, contractors, affiliates, successors (collectively, the “Released Parties), arising out of operation of the swimming pool facilities.

I hereby fully release and discharge the Released Parties from any and all claims for injuries, death, damage or loss which I may have or which may have or which may accrue to me, my household members, or household guests from participation in the use of swimming pool facility, even though liability may arise out of negligence, carelessness or other conduct on the part of the Released Parties.  I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend the Released Parties from any and all claims, liability and/or costs (including attorney fees) arising out of, connected with or in any way associated with my household members or my household guests’ participation in the use of swimming pool facility.

I hereby acknowledge that I have received and reviewed with each Pool Member listed above the          CF Pool Regulations and Rules.  Found on CF Web site: Under Forms.

Signature of **Household Agent: ___________________________________ Date: _______/_______/2020

Print Name:


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